2014-15 Season

December 2014

Statement, BSA Acting Chair Fiona Martin, Tuesday 30th December

I should point out in the very first instance, the views here are personal and do not reflect those of BSA.


“When I first joined the BSA Committee in 2008 it was because I wanted to be involved with Blackpool fans, to help out with events, to be part of social group and primarily because I am a Blackpool fan and I enjoyed it.


The last 6 years have given me some fun times, some good laughs and some great friends. And BSA have achieved some fantastic things. I am proud to have been part of that. But 2014 has been horrible on and off the pitch for Blackpool Football Club.


The vast majority of Blackpool fans are good people who want to see their team and their club be successful. But myself, and others, and have been subjected to abuse both directly and indirectly on social media, forums, at football matches and worst of all when we have been out with friends and family in public places. I have lost count of the number of times not only that it has left me upset, but also that I have been told “don’t let them get to you, they’re just bullies, don’t let them win”. Well guess what, they’ve won. I’ve had enough. I didn’t get involved with BSA to get dragged into the political shenanigans of running a football club, nor did I feel like getting abused for a volunteer position I do in my free time. What precisely is the point of something like that giving me sleepless nights, making me ill and ruining my life? There isn’t one and that is why I have resigned from the BSA committee over the Christmas period.


BFC is a soap opera. And not even a very good one. Every single Blackpool fan in the world is hurting. Karl Oyston is responsible for that. No one else. (Although if some of our fanbase are to be believed it is also the fault of a group of hard working volunteers). For me the reprehensible text messages were the final straw. How much more do our loyal fans need to go through? The club has had shame brought up on it and the fan base deserves a better outlook and a sense of pride. And all I wanted to do was enjoy my Christmas break with my family and not have to deal with another fall out from another disaster. That was the point at which I realised I was of no more use to BSA members, my heart for the job has been taken away – by the whole sorry mess and by the minority of our fanbase.

That minority of the fanbase, of course, relates to those think that abuse and threats are the way to get things done.


But that doesn’t mean that only a minority of the fanbase share the same view. As a general set of fans we are all hurting and we can all see that something has to give. Everyone except Karl Oyston can see that. Without fundamental lasting changes in the whole structure and outlook of Blackpool Football Club our period in the sun is over. Football has changed. The world has changed. But that doesn’t mean that Blackpool fans, including myself, will not continue to support our team. Most Blackpool fans are a fantastic bunch. BSA members are superb. And whether we are at Chelsea or Crawley they will want to go and support their team. And they should be allowed to do that without fear of recrimination, abuse or the state of the atmosphere. The atmosphere, especially at away games, has become toxic. I, and many others, go to away games to see my friends, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the day. Then it is about going home and forgetting about it.


I’m not going to sit here and tell other fans what to do. Everyone makes their own choices about what they believe is the right thing to do. For me that is focusing on what happens on the pitch and my friends. I don’t want to be involved in anything political. If others do that is up to them. But what I would urge Blackpool fans to do is stick together and back the team. There is more that unites us than divides us and we’re all there for the same thing.

The future may not exactly be bright but for as long as there is Blackpool Football Club, then there will be Blackpool fans. So the future will be Tangerine.”

Fiona Martin

December 2014



REMINDER – Meet The Manager Night

REMINDER: BSA are hosting a Meet the Manager night with Lee Clark and Alan Thompson on Monday 12th January in the Sponsors Lounge at Blackpool Football Club.

Doors will open at 7pm and the night is free to all members on production of a valid 2014/15 BSA Membership card.


Travel from the Wolves game onwards

Members should be aware that with effect from the Wolverhampton Wanderers away game on January 17th BSA will only be operating a waiting list policy for a second coach for travel.

Once the first coach is full, anyone who wishes to travel with BSA to games will be placed on a waiting list until this waiting list is big enough to justify a second coach.

We would thank our loyal members for their co-operation in this matter, and urge anyone who wishes to travel to book early.



Statement, Tuesday 23rd December

BSA have been alarmed and concerned to read the transcript of a text exchange between Seasiders Chairman Karl Oyston and a supporter.

The comments allegedly made by Karl Oyston are deeply worrying. They are extremely offensive and hurtful to many. This sort of language has not place in life let alone football. 

The apology issued by Karl Oyston in light of his comments, whilst containing a good gesture, has not gone far enough to defend his words and behaviour. Although all abuse from fans to the chairman and his family should be condemned, this is not a valid defence. He must come out and clarify his comments and views of such shameful language and issue a full and proper apology. Failure to do so should leave his position untenable. A person who thinks the use of language like that is acceptable cannot be the chairman of Blackpool FC.

At this point BSA would expect that the Football Association and Football League would conduct a full and proper investigation and take any action they deem appropriate. 

Meet the Manager Night

A Meet the Manager Night with Lee Clark and some of his backroom staff has been confirmed for Monday 12th January 2015. 

It will be held in the Sponsors Lounge at Blackpool Football Club and admission will be FREE on production of a BSA 2014/15 Membership Card.

Sir Stanley Matthews 100th Birthday Dinner

The late Sir Stanley Matthews would have turned 100 on 1st February 2015. In commemoration of this the Blackpool FC Former Players Association have organised their second Legends Night for Friday 13th February in the Sponsors Lounge.

Priced at just £10 a ticket the night offers a great opportunity to reminisce over days gone by! 

More details will follow.


Following the repaving of the area around the Jimmy Armfield statue BSA recently arranged for both the Jimmy Armfield and Stan Mortensen statues to be cleaned by a professional statue cleaner. This work has now been completed and he reported the following:

"After inspecting the statues it was possible to ascertain that the colour of the statue of Stan Mortensen was originally a brown potassium sulphide patina, possibly with a green copper nitrate base. Although it has not been maintained and has been there for many years (10 I think) there was still more verdigris than expected. 

The statue of Jimmy Armfield has a much more complex patina, incorporating copper nitrate and ferric nitrate, which lays down green and reddish colours into the patina respectively. A light layer of potassium sulphide (brown) may have been applied over the top. 

This directed how to proceed with the maintenance. With Stan Mortensen it was possible to use a brown wax to help homogenise and bring back as much as possible the original appearance of the statue. With Jimmy Armfield the green colouration, all be it having increased once it was put outside in the environment is intentional. The artist specifying this colouration in the foundry. This restricted the use to a clear a 'Renaissance wax'  otherwise the wax would have obliterated some of the colours that were intended by the artist.  

With Stan Mortensen the brown Liberon paste wax has helped to reduce the contrast between the green and remaining brown patina wheras with Jimmy Arnfield the clear wax has highlighted some of the intended colours by darkening them.  It is possible to see that there has been changes to the statue particularly to the crotch area from oxidation in the atmosphere but it is not possible to use coloured waxes on this statue as it would alter the artists intention rather than enhance it."

Committee Meeting with Karl Oyston

Members of the BSA Committee recently met with Karl Oyston, to discuss a number of things including recruitment plans, the new manager and his backroom staff, long term plans and the training ground. Minutes of this meeting will shortly be available to members.


Thank you to everyone who attended the BSA AGM. Minutes of the AGM will shortly be available on request to members.

November 2014

Weekend Away

It has been confirmed that the BSA annual weekend away for this season will be in Cardiff, departing from Blackpool on Friday 24th April 2015 at 9am and returning on Sunday 26th April 2015.

The cost of £140 per person will include return coach transport from Blackpool to Cardiff, 2 nights bed and breakfast at the Park Inn, Cardiff City Centre and return coach transport from Cardiff City Centre to Cardiff City stadium. The price is based on 2 people sharing.

If you wish to make a provisional booking then please either email secretary@blackpoolsupporters.com or contact the travel number 07753 405628,  with the names of the people and what type of room you require.

A non-refundable deposit of £30 per person will be required within 14 days to guarantee your provisional booking. 

Please note that any travel vouchers or loyalty cards cannot be used for the weekend away. 


Following the premature birth of his son on 31st October the BSA Committee have granted BSA Chairman Glenn Bowley a temporary leave of absence until the end of this season. During this period vice-chair Fiona Martin will be filling the role of acting-chair with Brian Lisgo filling the role of acting-vice-chair.

Everyone at BSA wishes Glenn and his family all the best.

Family Coach – Sheffield Wednesday

We will be running our first family coach of the season to Sheffield Wednesday on Boxing Day, designed especially for BSA Young Seasiders and their family. 

The coach will depart the Red Lion 1 hour later at 10:30, and be priced at £17 per person. There will only be one family coach departing at the later time of 10:30, and places will be filled on a first come first served basis. 

Please note that at this stage you must be travelling with an under-16 to book on, however, if the coach is undersubscribed then it will be open to all as a later departing coach from 15th December. 

Everyone must be a member to travel, but all Young Seasiders get free BSA membership if their parent/guardian is a member. 

To book please call the travel hotline on 07753 405628 as normal. 

Discount Voucher Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the free draws as part of your discount voucher package. The winner of 2 places on the annual weekend away (drawn at half time at Blackpool v Derby County) was Gary Baxter and the winner of hospitality tickets for Blackpool v Bolton Wanderers (drawn at half time at Blackpool v Ipswich Town) was Jean Martin.

The next draw will take place at half time on Saturday 22nd November for one of our BSA Young Seasiders to win a mascot package.

October 2014

BSA & BST Joint Statement

Members of the BSA committee accepted an invitation to meet with those from the committee of the Blackpool Supporters Trust during September. The two groups have different aims and objectives, but as Blackpool fans we all wish to see our team and club successful and prosperous. It was important for both parties to meet to share common concerns and establish if there are ways both groups can work together going forward. A joint statement from both groups can be seen below  and BSA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate BST on the work they have done so far.
“Blackpool Supporters Association (BSA) and Blackpool Supporters’ Trust (BST) held an initial meeting on Sunday 14th September to share common concerns about recent events at Blackpool FC and to explore the possibility of working together to secure a more promising future for the football club.
There was agreement that the club needs investment on physical infrastructure, the training ground and the stadium as well as investment in the team. It was also agreed that opportunities had been missed by the current owners and that Blackpool supporters want long term change which will secure the future and the progress of the football club. As supporters’ organisations we are both committed to making that change happen.
Although both groups have different aims, objectives and modi operandi, we acknowledge that as Blackpool fans first and foremost, there is more that unites us than divides us. BSA and BST have therefore agreed to meet again to explore possibilities for future developments to help ensure our club has the bright future that its loyal supporters deserve. 
In the meantime, BSA and BST collectively call upon the owners of Blackpool FC to show tangible material support for Jose Riga in his attempts to build a team that we can be proud of again.”

Karl Oyston Forum

The rearranged members forum with Karl Oyston took place on 1st October 2014. A copy of the transcript as published in The Gazette can be read here

Further to questions received, we can confirm that the training ground was discussed during the meeting although there has been little progress since the previous forum and we hope that more progress will be seen soon.

September 2014

Karl Oyston Forum

BSA's statement on the postponed forum with Karl Oyston can be read here. We can confirm this has now been rearranged.

Discount Vouchers

BSA Members should now have received their discount vouchers for the 2014-15 season. Some additional information is available here.

August 2014

Meeting with Karl Oyston

On Thursday 31st July 2014, the BSA committee held a meeting with Blackpool FC Chairman Karl Oyston. A full report from this meeting will shortly be available to view on this website.

Membership 2014/15

Membership for 2014/15 is now open. As part of the upgrades to our website we have incurred a delay in processing memberships already received. Please accept our apologies for this, and we will have membership packs sent out ASAP.

New for 2014/15

As part of our newsletters for the 2014/15 season we will be publishing a series of questions and answers submitted by our members to Karl Oyston. If you have a question you would like answered please send this to secretary@blackpoolsupporters.com.

July 2014

Supporters Summit

BSA were represented at the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct Supporters Summit 2014 and a full report of the day is now available to view on the Supporters Summit section of our website - please click here.


Our latest newsletter from July 2014 is now available on our newsletter page - please click here to view.

Committee Vacancies

BSA currently have vacancies on the committee for 2 positions. Specifically these are:

  • Vice-secretary, with responsibility for taking and producing meeting minutes and arranging meetings.
  • Website and Social Media - with responsibility for managing and updating the BSA website, Facebook and Twitter pages

If you are interested in either of these roles, or would like to offer your services in a different way, please contact secretary@blackpoolsupporters.com.

Summer 2014




Website Maintenance

The BSA website is currently undergoing maintenance and is being moved over to a new system. Updates over the summer may be sporadic. We will have travel information and the membership form for 2014/15 available as soon as possible.