BSA membership is now open for the 2018-19 season.

BSA will continue to offer:
  • Low-cost travel to away matches
  • Travel Loyalty Discount Card
  • Free entry into our Goals, Goals, Goals, and Crossbar Challenge competition for memberships renewed before 1st October
  • Regular Newsletters
  • The opportunity to join us on our annual Weekend Away
Any 2017-18 member who returns a completed and signed membership form prior to 1st October 2018 will receive FREE membership for the 2018-19 season. 
For any new members prices remain the same as last season, which is as follows:
£5.00* -- where updates are provided by e-mail
£5.00* – where updates are not wanted
£7.50* – where updates are requested by post

A copy of this seasons BSA membership form is available to download here.

*Membership cards will be distributed on coaches or will be available for pre-arranged collection from the committee. If you are unable to collect your membership or do not wish to do so, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope (one per household) with your membership application.
Goals Goals Goals

The BSA Goals Goals Goals Competition returns for 2018-19. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information!