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Middlesbrough: Saturday 18th September

Depart Red Lion: 08:45

Depart Saddle: 08:55

Depart Waterloo: 09:05

Price: £23


Hull City: Tuesday 28th September

Depart Red Lion: 13:30

Depart Saddle: 13:40

Depart Waterloo: 13:50

Price: £23


Nottingham Forest: Saturday 16th October

Depart Red Lion: 08:30

Depart Saddle: 08:40

Depart Waterloo: 08:50

Price: £23


Reading: Wednesday 20th October

Depart Red Lion: 11:00

Depart Saddle: 11:10

Depart Waterloo: 11:20

Price: £28






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TRAVEL LINE: 07753 405628

Email: info@blackpoolsupporters.com






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